Budget Based Tips for Your Wedding

Posted at 06:44 pm Monday March 19th 2012

The cost of living has increased and so many couples are looking to plan their wedding on a budget.  Many couples look into ways to make their day elegant and special without breaking the budget.  Here are some budget friendly tips for your big day.

* Have a friend  who’s a real shutter bug?  Have them photograph the wedding.  Or have several of your photo crazy friends take pics and choose from them.

* Use photos to decorate the guest book or as centerpieces

* Pick a venue with a great décor in order to cut down on decorations

* Arrange for the ceremony and the reception in one spot – it will cut travel for the vendors

* If you choose bigger tables, you need fewer centerpieces and table cloths

* Avoid Saturdays – it’s the most popular wedding day.  Having your ceremony on a Friday can save thousands.

* Skip the champagne -  champagne can be quite expensive and sometimes goes to waste.

* Offer cocktail instead of full bar – having a host bar during cocktail hour and then switching to a cash bar is totally socially acceptable these days.

* Leave out the main course

* Rethink and minimize the list of guests. This will lessen your cost of catering and even the number of centerpieces and invitations

* Plan and prepare your own menu cards

* Stick to one to two kinds of flowers – have each bridesmaid only carry one large flower.

* Although it’s traditional for the bride and groom to get each other gifts, agree to skip this tradition to save money.

For more budget tips, try this website

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