Top 10 Wedding Complaints

Posted at 05:55 pm Monday October 31st 2011

We asked our Twitter followers what their biggest complaints were and here are the results!!

10. Buffet lines

Waiting in line to get fed is a big one.  No one wants to be last in line, especially if there are a lot of people at the wedding. Buffets can be great from a variety standpoint, but most prefer to be served at their table.  If you want a buffet, speak to your caterer about having a good plan.

9. Rowdy kids

Nothing worse than kids running around and being loud and obnoxious. It ruins it for you and your guests.  Kids will be especially bored during speeches, and sometimes you can't count on parents to keep them entertained.  You may want to consider hiring a clown or someone to keep them busy.

8. Drinking and Driving.

Providing your guests with rides — or at the very least, cab company phone numbers — at the end of the night is a great way to ensure everyone will get home safely. Consider renting a bus that will shuttle groups of people back to their hotels at predetermined times.

Create a list of the hotels you recommended to your guests and the times the shuttle will make trips to each, and post the list somewhere noticeable at the reception venue.

7. The bouquet toss

Some woman think the bouquet toss is fun, but others - especially once they are single and a little older - may be embarrassed by the whole situation.  In order to make it comfortable for others, ensure that your DJ doesn't "force" those who don't want to particpate.

6. Sitting next to strangers

Sometimes it can't be helped - you may have a few guests outside the realm of your immediate friends. Or relatives from out of town, etc.  If you can avoid it, try not to seat people with complete strangers. Group work friends together, relatives, others.  Most importantly, make sure you have a seating plan so people know where to sit.

5. A cash bar

This is a matter of personal taste and most guests realize that not everyone has deep pockets and can afford to pay for everyone's drinks all night.  As well, you could be concerned with drinking and driving and liability.  You may consider handing out one or two complementary drink tickets to each of your guests.  And make sure the guests know that there will be a cash bar so they don't show up penniless!

4. Drunk/annoying guests

Really, there’s nothing you can do to avoid the infamous drunk-guy debauchery at your wedding. All I can suggest is to provide your guests with plenty of food, coffee and water throughout the night, and avoid long pauses between the meal, speeches and other entertainment. If your guests are bored, they’ll drink.

Hmm…maybe a cash bar isn’t such a bad idea after all.

3. Boring speeches

Please — and I don’t think I’m alone here — keep the speeches short and sweet! They really shouldn’t be more than 5 minutes long.

And there is no need to have everyone in your wedding party step up the mike. Chances are they’ll get repetitive and only you will get the inside jokes.

2. Long waits

Sometimes long waits before the ceremony and between the ceremony and reception are unavoidable, but it’s important for you, your wedding planner, officiant and venue manager to be in sync.

I suggest making an itinerary and giving it out to everyone you can think of — that includes all members of your bridal party, hair stylist, cake and floral designers, and DJ.

1. A bad DJ

Yes, that’s right. The number one wedding pet peeve is a bad disc jockey. DJs are known to get guests amped up and the party started, so I imagine a bad one is boring, introverted and has terrible taste in music.

A DJ’s song choices are extremely important and they may make or break your night. To prevent the Chicken Dance from happening at your upscale nuptials or Busta Rhymes playing at your country affair, I’d suggest having a song list done and given to your DJ ahead of time.

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