Buyer Beware! Make sure it's a REAL Anjolique!

Posted at 03:38 pm Monday September 12th 2011

Anjolique wedding gown with sleeves

We recently received the following letter from a distraught bride:

Dear Anjolique:

I'm an honest admirer of your wedding dresses. It is always been my dream to own a wedding dress designed by your company.

One month before my wedding, I ordered an Anjolique wedding dress on this website. This website has a very high Alexa ranking and has bought a lot of Google online advertisements. Thus I deemed it must be an authorized retailer of your company. I was so excited and looked forward to my dress. Two days before my wedding, I received the dress. I was very disappointed. It was unbelievable that such a poor dress was created by Anjolique. Then I found out that I had brought a counterfeit one. The counterfeit dress wrecked my wedding!!

I filed several complaints to PayPal, Google and the website's Internet Date Center but failed. The in-charge person there informed me that an effective complaint should only be filed by the right owner or the authorized person of the owner.

To prevent a repeat of my tragedy, please take aggressive actions against the infringements without hesitation. This is very important for your brand value and everyone that loves your dresses!!

Sincerely yours,  Nancy

Unfortunately, this is not the first time we've heard this.  It is becoming an increasing problem - Chinese factories use the photos from our website and then sell direct to brides.  The brides think they are buying an authentic Anjolique dress very cheaply. Don't be fooled by cheap knock offs! Make sure you are dealing with an authorized Anjolique dealer.  We want your day to be as special as you are.

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