Choosing A Wedding Scent

Posted at 04:39 pm Monday August 13th 2012

When choosing a perfume, get one that gives off the same attitude as your dress. Your choice should depend on what type of wedding you are having, the setting and of course, the gown.

There are countless perfumes to choose from but they all come from four different roots:

  • Floral (roses, violets) which are traditionally considered to be soft and romantic which may perfect for a wedding day, but you can also find some that are bold and assertive.
  • Oriental (amber, musk) which are often considered to be "heavy" and more appropriate for evening or cold weather, but there are many light, spicy fragrances, in this category that won't overwhelm you
  • Woody (cedar, sandalwood) scents may give the perfect mood to an outdoor wedding.
  • Fresh (grass, citrus) which are lighter scents and are more popular with women who don’t wear perfume often. It gives a clean, uplifting smell.

You want a fragrance that lasts for a long time. Perfume extract is the strongest scent but often the most pricy, followed by eau de perfume. Eau de toilette is generally half the strength of perfume extract. You can get away with a stronger scent in outdoor weddings, but in romantic, indoor weddings you may want to tone it down because floral decorations give off their own smell.

Increase the ‘staying power’ with shower gels and/or body creams in the same scent to attempt a layering technique. To ensure the maximum staying power, moisturize your skin before you put on the fragrance because oilier skin holds the scent better than dry skin.

Apply on your pulse points, the warmest parts of your body: behind your ears, the crook of your elbows, the base of your neck, your wrists and your cleavage. Apply the scent before you get dressed. Fragrance is known to stain fabric and damage jewelry.

Don’t spray the fragrance directly on to your dress and keep it away from important pieces of your outfit. You'll need to reapply your scent during the wedding. This little detail, although important, will probably slip your mind throughout the day. Assign a reminder to one of the bridesmaids.

Selecting the right fragrance takes time. Fragrance is designed to change and develop while you’re wearing it. The first whiff will be the strongest but fade quickly. Then you will begin to smell main scent which will be noticeable about half hour after application. In order to make an informed decision you need to pay attention to this part of the fragrance, not the initial smell.

Take some samples home and don’t rush in making your decision. Try using a different sample each day. Pay attention to how it develops over the day and how long it lasts. Most importantly, pay attention to how it reacts with your skin’s chemistry. Scents smell different on each person so always test it by wearing it. Take into account the change in smell when you are sweating, you don’t want it to turn when you’re busting your moves out on the dance floor! Always consider the scent of your candles and flowers because you don’t want to accidently cause a bad mix.

Choosing a perfume can be time consuming so start in advance so you are not rushed. Before making your final decision always ask your partner for their opinion, after all they are the one who will be closest to you all day!

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