Wedding gowns and décor – romantic soft lace is back

Posted at 08:19 pm Wednesday August 8th 2012

Anjolique Wedding Gown Style C161

Lace wedding gowns are symbolic of romance, history and craftsmanship – lace is timeless.



As with most wedding traditions, lace became popular through history during the reign of Queen Victoria era. Lace changed into a symbol of standing, a way of singling out at a glance the extremely rich from the merely affluent. Women who donned themselves in lace were compared with the highest class of social economics and pedigree, because only the wealthy could afford such a luxurious material.


Back in the day, nothing demonstrated your wealth and prosperity to a wider audience than getting married in a lace dress. It told everyone what a wealthy and prosperous family you came from that they could afford to have you get married in a lace wedding gown.

DYK? Lace was historically also chosen as a fabric as it acted as skin protection when the location of the event was an open space.

Lace wedding chair blow

The use of lovely lace in wedding dresses really went away – it continued to be used in trains, veils, bustlines and the overlays of wedding gowns. Lace isn't just for the bride to wear - from wedding hall decor to cake accents - lace is everywhere!

Now we’ve seen the love of lace be reignited the last year.  Why? Because many brides are looking for an ultrafeminine yet classic bridal gown style - perhaps thanks to Kate's gorgeous lace wedding dress - the Royal Family still does influence trends!

This is why Anjolique’s top selling dress is Style #C161 – it’s a simple lace wedding gown that is elegant plus it sells for under $1000!

If lace in your wedding dress isn’t enough – there are so many ways to incorporate lace – its romantic and historical essence – into any wedding.

At Anjolique Bridal – we celebrate lace in our gowns and creative ways to use lace in your wedding on our Pinterest page!

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