‘Geek culture’ weddings – two people join together in their very own way!

Posted at 01:54 pm Friday July 6th 2012

From Star Trek to Medieval Times to SciFi, ‘geek’ themed weddings are way more popular than one may think!

First off, let’s define ‘geek’:

A "geek" – someone who craves to know everything about a specific topic(s). For this reason, geeks are associated with knowledge, sometimes knowledge of cultures, traditions, comics, movies, etc.

As far as  ‘geek culture’ weddings go – they provide a chance for two people to show their friends and family who they are, and why they want to be together – in their own way.

What are some of the most eccentric geek culture weddings?

The Harry Potter Theme

The centerpieces, invites and food – everything reflected the magical theme. Remember the Forbidden Forest in Harry Potter? Their ceremony in was in a forest, plus the centerpieces were the sorting hat and the wedding favours were wands with the date and the bride and grooms names.

The Star Wars theme

Who doesn’t remember the 1977 American epic film series created by George Lucas? There are Star Wars ‘geeks’ around the world, and couples have chosen to express their love for this epic movie series with a theme wedding. One couple tied the knot dressed as the film’s two main characters as Obi Wan Kenobi, Chewbacca and a battalion of storm-troopers looked on.

The Medieval Theme

There are people so fascinated by the Middle Ages that they recreate medieval wedding ceremonies in such detail, it’s amazing. The bride arrived riding side saddle on a white mare in a dress made from 270 feet of silk. And waiting for her was her knight in shining armour – literally – in £10,000 of hand-forged steel trimmed with brass and velvet. One couple had falconry, jugglers, sword-fighting and jousting!

The dedication, planning and detail that goes into any wedding should be applauded, and to these ‘geek’ culture wedding devotees – we give you extra applause for integrating something so meaningful to you into your special day!





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