A beautiful wedding without all the work? Benefits of a destination wedding!

Posted at 07:27 pm Friday June 15th 2012

Destination weddings are an increasingly popular ‘stress-less’ alternative.

Let’s recap the benefits of a destination wedding:

1. Less choices = less stress

  • One location for all your wedding activities, plus one-stop for cake, flowers, and music
  • Don’t forget wedding insurance

2. Out of sight = less on your mind

  • On-site wedding planners work with you, but from afar, so you can live your life
  • You get to enjoy your engagement with less stress before the big day

3. Cost savings = less wedding debt

  • The average cost of a wedding is between $20,000-$30,000
  • It’s a wedding + honeymoon in one spot

4. Smaller guest list = intimate

  • Give family and friends a great place to go, and they will be there

TIP: View these tips to help trim your guest list!

5. Your destination = your look

  • Cottage or beach - your wedding attire needs to blend into the setting
  • Choose a travel-friendly fabric like this bride – think linen, cotton, and or even silk

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