7 tips for Selecting the perfect dress for the Petite Woman

Posted at 01:50 pm Thursday June 7th 2012

Petite Woman - Plus Size Heart

Many wedding gowns cannot simply be shortened at the hem and still express the same sense of style.  Here are some tips for helping the petite bride find the ideal dress!

1. Alter don’t halter: If you have a larger bust and a small waist, don't pick halter neckline styles. These enhance the upper body area significantly. Choose light straps or completely strapless dresses for the ideal fit.

2. Height without heels: If you have a curvy figure, select a Column style dress that wraps in front. It will draw attention to your best features, and the longer, draping length will add some inches; even without the heels!

3. Style Selection: Don't choose a corset + skirt ensemble. These styles tend to cut your figure in half.

4. Yes, Be Bias: If you like your hips a great dress option is the bias cut style. This sits naturally at your waistline, and helps to emphasize your curves in just the right places

5. A-line = Princess: Choose an A-line cut for the ultimate 'princess' look. As long as you get the right size for the bodice, this dress naturally mushrooms out below your waist giving you a complete fairy-tale image.

6. Less is more: An empire line dress is ideal for petite figures, since it draws attention upward and makes you look taller. Thin spaghetti straps are ideal for this cut and style, and will flatter those toned arms.

7. Select a scooped neckline to draw attention to the bust area. Many petite women can enhance this area successfully just by selecting the most flattering neckline. If you have a shorter neck, choose a boat neck style to enhance your shoulders and clavicle.

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