5 Ways to have Something Blue on your Wedding Day

Posted at 01:24 pm Wednesday May 30th 2012

So you have something old and something new, it could be your wedding dress, your shoes or your veil. But you are still struggling for something blue to complete your wedding day ensemble.

Your blue item does not necessarily have to be worn. Why not have a blue themed wedding, or make blue your accent color.

Five great 'blue' ideas for your wedding day:

1. Bridesmaids

Hint: try a few different shades of blue to ensure the tone matches well with your bridesmaids’ personality & skin tone.

2. The groom

  • Instead of black suits or tuxes on the wedding day, wear a blue suit

Hint: Not keen on the blue suit? Maybe blue shoes are more subtle

3. Decorations

Hint: Blue is also great for a bridal or baby shower

4. Flowers or boutonnieres

  • The bouquet, flowers or boutonnieres could be blue

Hint: Instead of a flower bouquet try a brooch bouquet

5. The desserts

Hint: Find a blue velvet recipe - this is a delicious cake that always impresses

Blue is the traditional color of virtue and purity so why not incorporate these themes into your wedding day.

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