Everyone is invited: 8 ways to cut back your Wedding Guest List

Posted at 02:00 pm Wednesday May 23rd 2012

It is one of the hardest parts of the wedding planning and one of the first things you have to do.

The number of guests at your wedding influences everything else you will have to plan - budget, venue, food, transportation - and most importantly - the overall intimacy and feeling of your special day.


Here are some great ideas for cutting back the guest list:

1. “It is nice to meet you”  - words you should not have to say at your wedding

  • You should have met them on at least  three occasions before the wedding, regardless of distance
  • Exception? Guests of single friends

2. Time is of the essence - set a strict rule

  • If a certain amount of time has passed since you have seen this person, they are likely not as close or as important as you think
  • A good rule is 6 months for friends, 1 year for family

3. Professional does not equal personal - colleagues

  • You may spend more time with colleagues than family
  • Colleagues will be the most understanding if they are cut from the list
  • Keep it close - never invite someone to schmooze or network

4. International & cross-country guests - save them the long haul and obligation

  • Air travel & fuel costs are consistently on the rise
  • This will save you some spots on the list for your closest nearby companions

5. Set an Age Policy  - make a policy every guest must be of legal drinking age

  • No risk of crying babies at the ceremony & underage drinking at the reception
  • 'Minor’ liability insurance is not required

6. Be honest with yourself - the people you invite should be the best people to share one of the most intimate days of your life with - hard to draw the line but honesty will help you

7. Find a non-bias sounding board - sit down with a trusted non-bias person to help you make final decisions - family is not always the best option as they may have their own guest list agenda

8. Get your partner on board - a united front will ensure you stick to this list. Make sure you & your future spouse whole heartedly agree on the list.  Remember – it’s your wedding  - your friends, family & otherwise need to respect any decisions you have made together

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