10 Benefits to getting married at the family cottage

Posted at 07:04 pm Thursday May 10th 2012

Summers on the dock and afternoons on the lake remind us all of those best Canadian Summers at the cottage.

If all the flash and class of traditional wedding planning is too much and you want something authentically Canadian and authentically you, consider a Canadian Cottage themed affair.

  1. There is no fee to rent your own family cottage, so cost of the location will be little to none

    Tip: Offset guest travel - buy higher quality favor, or provide more drinks

  2. You know the cottage well. You already know the quirks and can properly prepare

    Tip: Insurance is always recommended for events, wherever they are

  3. The Guest list can be smaller – just your closest friends and family

    Tip: Everyone will understand a very private wedding at your family cottage with your nearest connections

  4. You can avoid the caterer & overpriced per plate food costs when you have a less formal event

    Tip: Keep the theme strong and have a BBQ or corn roast, there is nothing more cottage-like or more Canadian.

  5. As for the reception, decorating less and less is more

    Tip: Why not make it a swimming party or a moonlight dance. Encourage camping!

  6. Buy a simpler dress that suits the event

    Tip:  Buy a dress with a built in Fit Enhancer so you can feel comfortable and look lovely, without the added undercarriage

  7. The Men do not have to wear tuxes

    Tip: The men could select dress pants, dress shirts & vests or something even more casual

  8. The ladies do not have to wear “same” or matching dresses

    Tip: Bridemaids can show personal style and save money - Bridesmaids in Different Dresses

  9. There’s flexibility for the ceremony location – the dock, a boat, even a canoe

    Tip: Keep your guests in mind– ensure they’re comfortable, and that everyone can see and hear the ceremony

  10. Everyone can afford to attend

    Tip: A good favor is gifting small bottles of local maple syrup or Locally Produced Honey

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