3 hot DIY tips to customize your wedding

Posted at 06:42 pm Tuesday May 8th 2012

You have your Anjolique Wedding Gown so now it’s time to make everything come together. So many little details can be done DIY, perfecting your look and making it your own.


Tip 1 - Make your own bouquet

The bouquet is a very important part of the day if you choose to have one. Buying one from a florist can cost a very significant amount of money. So, why not take a shot at it yourself? Or dare to be different with a brooch bouquet!

How to:

  • Find vintage brooches @ thrift stores, yard sales, or in your own jewellery box
  • Vary the size of the brooches as well as the colors. Some brides like all one color or all rhinestone brooches, and some like to mix it up with tons of color
  • Take a Styrofoam ball and arrange the brooches as you wish

Hint: just make sure it fits well with your overall look

Tip 2 - Embellish your own veil

Plain tulle veils can be purchased or made - either way, they are inexpensive. So, why not take a shot at it yourself?

How to:

  • Grab that plain veil, a glue gun, needle and thread
  • Order pearls, rhinestones, and crystals online in bulk
  • Check your local craft store for other superfluities such as floral appliqués and patches of lace
  • Hot glue some larger pearls to the headband or head piece; glue some crystals in any pattern you wish on the tulle, lace or netting
  • Appliqués and diamanté will most likely need to be sewn on for security reasons

Hint: add something blue for tradition.

Tip #3 - Add some extras to your bridesmaid dresses

Simple gowns are abundant, and less expensive. Add a little something for sparkle, it is super easy to do – think pins and belts.

How to:

  • Find pins and brooches online, or you may have one to use that has been passed down or has special meaning to you
  • Shop for fun belts or find them online
  • Have a party, bring out the glue guns, needles and thread
  • Let your bridal party select their own additions – make them feel special

Hint: your bridesmaids will appreciate the re-wear ability of the dress they help create!

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