Anjolique will make your Wedding Dress Alteration dreams come true

Posted at 05:30 pm Friday April 20th 2012

Anjolique Custom Wedding GownLooking for the perfect wedding gown? Anjolique will make your dress dreams come true.

Anjolique Dresses are very customizable and can be reconstructed to ensure the perfect comfort and fit. All Anjolique dressed include our exclusive Fit Enhancer which ensures security, comfort and support without wearing an uncomfortable strapless bra.

Some of the Many Available Alterations:

  • One Sleeve? Two Sleeves? No Sleeves! All sleeves on Anjolique dresses can be removed, added, or shortened.
  • To Bead or not to Bead... Beads can be added, removed, or changed. We also have colored beads available if you would like to add some small colorful touches to a classic dress. Instructions must be very specific, but most requests are available.
  • The neckline can be changed to suit any preference. Whether it is your dream to sail away in a boat neck or you are Very Chic in V-neck, or sweetest in a sweetheart neckline Anjolique can make the dress suit your personal style.
  • The train on your Anjolique Gown can be shortened or lengthened to a certain degree, depending on the style.  Dress Length can always be altered and some dresses can be purchased to be shorter or longer.
  • Roses are Red, Violet is you… We can also make color changes to the dresses, far beyond the usual white & Ivory. These are some of the more typical requests that we might receive but we will be able to make almost any change as long as the change instructions are specific.

An Example of a Typical Anjolique Change Request:

We just received a sample of the red wedding gown style # A418 in the new collection An Anjolique Bride has requested this dress in peach with the same shaped neckline but less plunging so it is not so revealing. The bride also requested that the sleeve is shortened to a ¾ sleeve. The original dress also had huge stones on it, but this bride is requesting they are replaced with smaller stones. These are all changes that can be made easily as the dresses are designed by Anjolique, and also altered by a designer.

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