15 Tips to Ensure Your Wedding Day is Captured the Way You Envision

Posted at 04:17 pm Monday April 2nd 2012

1.    Find a Photographer whosget the photos you want on your wedding daye work you love. If you love their Photos and their style, the more likely you will love your wedding photos and will not be disappointed.

2.    Hire a Photographer for their quality of work, not their price. You have spent a lot of time and money to plan your wedding and to have everything exactly as you want, so choose a photographer you trust is going to take the time to capture your efforts, beauty and emotion of one of the most special days of your life.  Remember, this is only going to happen once!

3.    A Photographer who offers engagement sessions is your best bet.  This gives you time to get to know one another and increase the comfort level on your wedding day.

4.    Your Photographer can’t read your mind (but that would be a great super power for a photographer to have!), so be sure to let them know if you have any pose ideas, or background (location) ideas.

5.    Take some time before your wedding to collect some ideas of images you like, and also ones you do not like. This will give the photographer a sense of your style.

6.    Make a thorough list of the photos that you want included of your family and friends. Give this to the photographer beforehand to ensure that nothing and no one is missed.

plan your wedding photos with your photographer

7.    Well manicured hands for both the bride and groom are a suggestion if you want to get some amazing shots of your rings.

8. Professional makeup is a must.  Wear it a little heavier than what you would wear for a date night with your Hubby to be.  It doesn’t need to be too dramatic, but a little eye makeup goes a long way to make sure those eyes pop.

9.    When it is time to put on the ring, the kiss, the walk down the aisle, take your time. Show some PDA and have some fun with wedding photographySavour all of these moments because they only happen once! This will also give the photographer plenty of opportunity for some wonderful, un-posed images!  These moments are difficult to recreate.

10.    PDA (Public Display of Affection) is ok! The most romantic photos are the ones that are not posed. Have fun, get romantic, and most of all, just act natural and you will be able to look back and see the Love!

11.    Have some fun on your Wedding Day! If you are having fun, your photos will be much more interesting.  Work it like you are the star of the show, because you are!

Work with your wedding photographer to get the pictures you want

12.    Stay hydrated to keep your ‘glow’ all day long.  It is also a good idea to keep some make up handy for touch ups throughout the day.

13.    Be open to trying new poses and new things.  The photographer might suggest something that sounds silly, but if you have the right Photographer, it will look amazing!

14.    Don’t stop and pose every time you sense the camera is being pointed at you.  The photographer was attracted to whatever it was that you were doing at that moment and is trying to capture all of the emotions, events and beauty of your day, not poses.Bride having fun with photos

15.    Last but not least, Be Yourself! Be Comfortable, and just go with the flow of your day.  If you are stressed or uncomfortable, it will almost always show through in the photos.


Submitted by Erin Lang, www.transitionsphotography.ca

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